3D data upload

3D models can be created with existing 3D data. In this article you will learn how to upload your 3D object.


1. Requirements

2. How to upload


To upload your 3D data to rooom, make sure you have the following:

  • The file of your object with polygons less than 100k (.obj, .glb, .gltf, .fbx, .ply, .stl or .dae)
  • A single material for the following (.png files):
      • Diffuse or albedo
      • Roughness
      • Normal
      • Metalness (optional)
      • Emission (optional)

Please note our general requirements for 3D models.

How to upload

1. Go to Objects on the right menu bar.

3d-upload 1 EN

2. Click on [+ 3D Object ]
3d-upload 2 EN
3. Select 3D data (Existing 3D Object)
3d-upload 3 EN
4. (1) Select your 3D data (3D object and materials) here. (2) Then click on Upload.
3d-upload 4 EN
5. Wait for the Share button to appear.

3d-upload 5 EN

6. Copy the link (1) and open it in a new browser tab (2) to get a preview.

3d-upload 6 EN


PS: Textures can also be exchanged afterwards via the Product Editor.