3D models from photos

3D models can be created automatically from photos. In this article you will learn how to shoot and upload a series of images.


1. How to shoot the photos

2. How to upload the photos


If you do not have 3D data available, you can also create a series of images and upload them. 

How to shoot the photos

Take at least 20 - 60 photos from different heights (depending on the size of the object), with which every single angle of view on the object is covered. When taking photos, follow these guidelines:
  • Ensure that your product is well lit.
  • Ensure that the whole product is in focus.
  • As far as possible, don't use a cellphone camera. For large products like furniture, use a camera with a 50 mm lens. For small to medium sized products, use a 70 mm or 100 mm lens.
  • Take extra photos of any unique details or textures like a close up photo for logos or any important details.

How to upload the photos

1. Go to Objects on the right menu bar.

2. Click on [+ 3D Object ]
3. Select Images (Picture or series of pictures)
4. Upload your images in .jpg/.jpeg format.
5. The system then compiles the images and generates a 3D model. If post-processing is necessary, you can contact our experts and receive a cost estimate.